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Duck Jerky 500g


Duck Jerky 500g

(70 customer reviews)


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Duck Jerky 500g

Pet Treats Duck Jerky 500g, you can reward your dog with the rich meaty flavour of Duck.? Pet Treats Duck Jerky is Grain and Gluten free, and packed with protein and irresistible flavours in every bite.? Pet Treats Ducky Jerky 500g provides a taste and aroma that dogs instinctively crave.

Key Benefits of Duck Jerky 500g

  • Grain free and gluten free for food sensitive pets
  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • High quality proteins for optimal nutrient absorption


Country of Origin: China


Work with passion

Over the past decade, Australian Pet Treat Company has become one of Australia’s most trusted and convenient online destinations for pet owners. We pride ourselves on maintaining exceptional customer service and measure our success by the satisfaction and happiness of the people and pets we serve.

Our promise to you

At Australian Pet Treat Company, we are dog and cat treat specialists. We have everything you need for your pet at awesome prices, every day. We are constantly adding more brands and products weekly, all of which are available to you from the comfort of your own home.

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Duck breast meat, Soy protein, Vegetable Glycerin, Sorbitol, Salt, Sugar

Typical Analysis:

Crude Protein: 55%, Crude Fat: 5%, Crude Fibre: 0.6%

Country of Origin


Feeding Instructions

Always feed under supervision. Intended for use as a pet treat only not a complete meal. Ensure clean, fresh water is available. Store in a cool, dry place.

70 reviews for Duck Jerky 500g

  1. Genelle Goulden

    Fabulous!!!give them to our dogs as bedtime treat.

  2. Nikole

    I would give this 6 stars if I could.! This is the freshest, highest quality dog duck jerky I have ever come across. It comes in 2 easy to store 500g resealable bags ensuring freshness. Thank you!

    Highly recommended product.

  3. Jenny

    What can I say we run out and the dogs werent very happy with us… I ordered the wrong product….oopps it was not a happy household … we have a new lot in the house and everyone is happy. Great product

  4. Nathan

    Thank you for your delivery of dried duck jerky. It was as advertised and our dog loves it as a treat. Excellent value.

  5. Marita Jenns

    My boy loves it, and now the neighbours dog does too, so much so he sits in front of my pantry waiting for his duck jerky treat. I ran out a couple of weeks ago and let’s say that neither of these 2 lads were overly happy with me. Conveniently bagged in 500g bags, with a freshness seal, its a big thumbs up from the 4 legged family member.

  6. Vesna

    We are so pleased that we have found the Australian Pet Treat Company, especially for the duck jerky which is by far the best on the market.

    It smells so good that I have been tempted to (Almost) try it myself. Our dogs are in love with it and need a daily fix.

    Even better still is the low price; it is a fraction of the cost of other inferior brands which are not Australian made.

  7. Rebecca

    I order in bulk to keep my dogs happy. They like variety and this duck jerky gives them that. I recommend this company to all dog owners I know.

  8. Nina

    My dogs love duck jerky however I have read some worrying posts about the jerky made overseas and
    looked around for an Australian product.

    Luckily I found you guys and my dogs are now enjoying there snacks and I am not worrying.

  9. Catherine

    This is the best duck jerky.I can’t believe I was lucky enough to find your web site.We have 2 young dogs who love this treat but the expense of buying it over the counter really concerned me.To have it delivered for half the price of pet stores is great. I was so excited to find it I ordered double and then ordered the same again by accident immediately!!Great it is so chewy. Agree with all the other comments.
    I like to think the puppies are waiting for me each morning but I think they are salivating at the thought of some duck jerky from me as a ‘Good Morning’!. Thanks for the prompt service too.

  10. B

    Nicely packaged in 2 x 500g resealable bags. My dalmatian loves it!!! Will definitely buy again!

  11. Rod

    The duck Jerky is a favourite of my dogs….she loves this product and I cant fault it either….not that I have tried it…lol

  12. Marita

    have been buying these for ages and they are great! The Cavoodle next door now sits and waits so he can get a treat as well

  13. Colleen

    I love these because they are easy to cut up for my dogs treat toys, are unprocessed and natural meat, and my dogs just love them! The quality is always consistent so I never have any problem using them for the above….

  14. Bridgette

    I have a very very sensitive greyhound who just loves these and can cope having a few each day as extra treats

  15. Pam. NSW

    My dear old somewhat fussy dog can’t get enough of these tasty treats. I have tried many different brands over many years and feel so fortunate to have come across this companies website. All the products I have purchased from this company are the best, Thank you!

  16. Jay McArdle

    My German Shepherd thinks he’s in heaven with these ones, his tail wags, his ears go back, he dribbles in anticipation. Brilliant treat.

  17. Narelle

    Have been purchasing this product for some time now. Our dogs love it and wait for their Duck every morning, it has become their breakfast treat.

  18. Debbie Palmer

    Ruby loves these treats, great product, great value and best of all Australian. Your company has great service and great prices. Have recommended your Company to my friends also. Look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

  19. Macy

    We use the duck jerky treats for training, for assisting animals to settle and as a reward.
    Every animal we have given this to has been excited and happy to have it

  20. Garry

    My dog loves her duck treats and would eat them all day if she could.

  21. Karyn

    My dogs love these treats & the 500g pack lasts for weeks, best value ever being more than half the price you would pay @ retail outlets

  22. Ollie

    I have a variety of treats to give Bailey during the day.. Very happy puppy.

  23. hellen

    all my dogs loved this jerky, great value for money thanks for a great product

  24. David

    These are a great treat for our 2 fussy pups. They just love them.

  25. Palmer

    My dogs loved this product, I have been buying it for them for a couple of years now, and I just noticed now that they state not to feed it to cats, which I thought was very strange, it’s only dried duck, so I googled a few things up online and I realised that pet jerky treats are very dangerous, they have had very big problems in America with some imported jerky from China, with the chicken jerky having Industrial Grade Glycerin, instead of Food Grade Glycerin coated on it, which caused thousands of dogs to be extremely ill and death in some dogs due to Kidney failure, which is absolutely horrible, and I noticed on this duck jerky product page that they state that at times this product may be sourced internationally, so I’m really turned off this product now, my dogs had eaten some of this duck jerky I recently bought before I looked things up online, and they have been eating the duck from here for years, and thankfully nothing has happened to them, but I won’t be giving it to them anymore now, I wouldn’t take the risk just incase it has been sourced from China. and so from what I also read online is that if it’s a Jerky type treat, it contains Glycerin, which I feel Australian pet treat company should list that on this page as part of the ingredients.

  26. Sam

    Even the word “Duck” causes a frenzy amongst our pups to the point that they will do ANYTHING for a piece

  27. Rhana

    My dogs really enjoy these.

  28. Biance

    My dogs love these treats. They are just the right size and all my dogs love them.

  29. David

    GREAT PRODUCT. Our very fussy little pups can’t get enough of this treat. We needed to go from 1kg lot to 3kg as they LOVE them. Harrington will do anything for these treats, even come when he is called. LOL Mia even goes into the Laundry to the tub where they are kept and lets out a bark. Meaning I’m here mum, where are you, I need my duck treat. Very smart and funny little Cavoodle.

  30. Ian Heraud

    One of the breakfasts alternating with beef jerky some days, and Chicken Tenderloins.

  31. Kate

    Having fussy eaters , my 2 Maltese x , just love these . As we go for walks , they constantly keep looking up at me to see if I go for my pocket, so much so , they don’t look where they are going and trip over things .

  32. sauyu dalgleish

    My babies absolutely love the duck treats. I buy 3 kg at a time and they last may be one month and a half. They are only small dogs (2 of them) so it is duck treats morning, afternoon and at night time.

  33. Brette


  34. Theresa

    The favourite treat by a mile!

  35. Mat

    The treat is by far the best way to have the dogs come when called. They love it.

  36. sauyu dalgleish

    The duck treats are great for my dogs. With the bulk purchase the price is lower than Schmako. My older baby absolutely love them. We go through at least one kilo a month. I give them other treats too but this is their favorite.

  37. hellen

    all my doggies love this duck been using it fo rclose to 12 months now

  38. Rob

    Good value and a treat I use in moderation. My dogs love them.

  39. Sylvia

    Always one of their favorites .. chops start drooling

  40. Anita

    Quite soft and chewy, and a 500g bag lasts for months for my two small dogs. The one treat that is guaranteed to get their attention.

  41. Fred

    its the best treats for my 2 dogs there just love it

  42. Danni

    dog goes crazy for it

  43. Jenny

    We give our dogs the duck jerky regularly and they woof it down.

  44. tom

    Our 2 maltese love these ,always looking forward to them.

  45. Robby Hadikusuma

    My boy and girl, GSD, 21 months, like this snack.

  46. Peter

    My girls think there the best

  47. Anne

    – low fat, non greasy treat, soft enough for small or older dogs, and chewy enough for the greedy ones – even fussy dogs love it. size is just right for a treat, and easy enough to cut into smaller pieces if needed – great value, and the dogs love it.

  48. Becca

    Both my doggies love this, excessive amounts give my boy diarrhoea – but any rich food does. Easy to cut up with scissors into small pieces for treat toys & treat “seek & find” games. Keeps for ages too!

  49. Del

    Very popular with my poodles – when offered a treat, they go for this first. However, I’m worried now because I’ve been told it’s imported from China, and because it’s toxic to cats, I’m concerned that it might not be good for small dogs as well. Would appreciate your feedback on this.

  50. Chris

    I purchased 1 kg of Duck Jerky for my 2 toy poodles.
    They dont like the local pet store duck,so I bought this Duck jerky and they just love the taste and would eat the whole kilo if I let them.
    The packaging was done in 4 bags instead of 1 huge bag was an excellent thought.. Will make this my place of doggy chew purchases in the future.

  51. Simone

    Will only buy from you, awesomely packed in 500g resealable bags, Pepper loves them

  52. Jill Boland

    I am always pleased with this product, but found this particular order wasn’t so good, the sealed bag was full of ants, so I had to take the product out and put it in another container to avoid spoilage from ants. I will continue to order though.

  53. Melody

    Product as described and shipped promptly

  54. JD

    Pup Loves em

  55. Helen Furnell

    My dog is allergic to chicken, so this product fits in with her allergies and she loves it, best price on the market, I will be making this product a regular.

  56. Molly

    bought this jerky for my little dogs (Tibetan Spaniel & King Charles Cavalier)……they love it 🙂

  57. Rob

    When you need to mix up the treats and give them something with a bit more effort to get through, duck jerky wins hands down. My two didn’t know what to make of it at first, but they love it now.

  58. Bo

    this is a favorite with my dogs, they all line up to get theirs

  59. Melita

    the corgis love it

  60. Narelle

    This was the first time I bought from you and the product and service is excellent. I would certainly recommend you web site to others.

  61. Anna

    all my dogs (big & small) just LOVE these

  62. Kelli Meloni

    I have 4 ShihTzu fur babies and my mother has 1. They all go crazy when I even look like going to get them out. They absolutely love them. I purchase 3kg at a time.

  63. Karyn

    My dogs love these treats as do all the dogs that visit, great size for small dogs & super value for money.

  64. Ves

    My Dogs love the duck so much that no matter where they are all it takes is for me to call out “Duck” and they come running. This is the best recall ever!!

  65. Debbie Palmer

    These are the only treats I buy as Ruby has allergies to red meat, excellent product and Ruby loves them. Fast and friendly service.

  66. sandy

    always buy this, all the dogs love it. forget the milkshakes, its the duck jerky that brings all the dogs to the yard

  67. Julie

    Obie’s absolutely loves these treats.

  68. Holly

    My dogs love them.

  69. Kelli Meloni

    Healthy little treats

  70. Cheryl

    Great treats , easy to cut up

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