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Australian Pig Ear 100 per Carton

Australian Pig Ear 100 per Carton

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(199 customer reviews)


In stock

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Australian Pig Ear 100 per Carton

Give your dog a nutritious and delicious treat with our all natural, 100% Australian Pig Ear 100 per Carton.

As well as being an all natural pet treat, Pig Ears for dogs are Grain and Gluten free and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Great for dog dental health, pig ear treats help to reduce tartar and plaque build up while chewing.

Key Benefits

  • Pig ears for dogs are grain and gluten free
  • These pet treats are 100% natural; no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Pig ear dog treats are great for dog dental health as they help to reduce tartar and plaque build up while chewing

Please Note:
It is not recommended that pig ears are given to puppies. This is because the high fat content may lead to gastrointestinal upsets which may include vomiting, diarrhoea and gut discomfort.

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Over the past decade, Australian Pet Treat Company has become one of Australia’s most trusted and convenient online pet store destinations for pet owners. We pride ourselves on maintaining exceptional customer service and measure our success by the satisfaction and happiness of the people and furballs we serve. Buy natural, chewy dog treats online now.

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100% Australian Pork

Typical Analysis:

Crude Protein: 74.1%, Crude Fat: 13.8%, Crude Fibre: 1.5%, Sodium: 0.9%, ME 382 kcal/100g

Country of Origin


Feeding Instructions

Always feed under supervision. Intended for use as a pet treat only not a complete meal. Ensure clean, fresh water is available. Store in a cool, dry place.

199 reviews for Australian Pig Ear 100 per Carton

  1. Fonz

    got to be the most popular and lastingtreat

  2. Leanne

    my dogs love the ears , they get very excited when they can smell the box, very quick and easy to order

  3. Renae

    These pigs ears have great colour (so they must be tasty) and are large in size compared to pet shop bought ears. Price is great, online delivery means not having to go to the shops. I love the fact they are Australian. We buy in bulk and share with the family.
    Our Malamutes definitely know what’s in the boxes when they arrive!

  4. Fred

    Great value for money
    Nice big ears – and Australian made
    Prompt , no hassle delivery

  5. muriel hislop-norio

    very popular great product

  6. Brigette

    Speedy delivery of super big ears my dogs just love.

  7. Brenda

    My dog prefers these to the pig ears i used to buy at local pet stores. I find the smell of these more pleasant when my dog is chewing on them, and they look like they are good quality.

  8. Di

    I have looked around various shops and websites, and this is by far the best value and my Golden Retriever loves one every day!

  9. Danielle

    Our dogs line up every morning for their pigs ear….first thing they want after a walk and before their breakfast; even know how to scam 2 if me our my partner don’t know they already had one…dogs..smarter than the average kid.

  10. Loraine

    excellent product

  11. Shannon

    My dogs love these ears, and it is more easier to buy in bulk than to run to the shops every few days

  12. Diane

    Great product

  13. Renee

    The ears are large and give my dogs a great jaw work out.

  14. Nathan

    My dogs love them. They don’t smell like other pig ears do. Great price

  15. Kaye

    I always like to buy Australian where I can. They are good quality and very clean and a great prices.

  16. Christa

    they are great for the dogs

  17. Joanne

    Our 4 dogs just love them. They stand by the “pig’s Ear Barrel” and guard them. We order 200 at a time because the price and quality can’t be matched. Delivery to our remote area is within a few days. No complaints at all from us or our monsters.

  18. Lesley

    Arrived swiftly to our non metropolitan post office. Our dogs love them and the ears are of excellent quality. I prefer not to use the imported product.

  19. Rhonda daley

    I have german shepherds and trying to find treats for them that last a while and are also healthy is difficult. Pigs ears satisfy both these issues. They last a good fifteen minutes before disappearing and are reasonably healthy for the dogs. All round a good quality treat for my dogs.

  20. Beverly

    I have to say there is no other treat for my dogs that creates the same response as the Australian Pet Treat Pigs Ears. You only have to approach the container and all eyes are on the ears. They love them!

  21. Daisy

    My Staffie Erik loves his daily Pigs Ear. They only last him about 5mins but it also helps to settle him before I go to work. overall good value and 1 happy do.

  22. Liz

    Large Australian pig’s ears. A real treat for my English Springer Spaniel.
    One, on most days, keeps his teeth clean and breath smells relatively fresh!!
    Keeps him busy for around 10-15 minutes and he loves them.

  23. Di Dempsey

    I would only buy Australian Pigs Ears.
    Great to keep them busy chewing and a real treat.
    Helping in keeping teeth cleaned and breathe good.
    I just have to move toward the container and my two Standard Poodles get so excited and run to their beds sitting straight and waiting.
    Great value when you have more than 1 dog.

  24. Art

    My dogs adore the pigs’ ears and recognise the box they come in. The smell must be intoxicating for them and the delivery is prompt and convenient. An excellent product.

  25. Anna

    My two German Shorthaired Pointers, Lola and Louis, love these ears. They can smell them through the packing and know that their favourite treat has arrived.
    They arrive promptly once ordered and I love the fact that this is an Australian product; therefore very safe

  26. Ruth Osmers

    Our two German Shepherds love these…consistantly large size and great quality.

  27. Dogs – Pippa and Tye

    We have 2 Labradors, 7 years old, and when you say pigs ears their ears prick up, they are highly attentive and they can even take one each out of the box nicely to take outside.

  28. Rachel

    Great treat for the dogs. Not too big but never anything too small, trust them to be just right for my dogs.

  29. William

    Our dogs love their pigs ears and enjoy one everyday.

  30. Ann

    We go thru a lot of pigs ears at Dog Club and yours are very good quality.

  31. Jan

    Delivery is always prompt. have tried pigs ears from the local pet shop and found them very greasy/oily
    When I ordered the ducky Jerky from you guys I decided to try just 10 of the Australian Pigs ears and my dogs
    (4 all large breeds ) love them so this time I bought 150. Great for them to chew and they look forward to their treat.

  32. Sharon

    I have been buying these pig ears for my labrador Indi for a few years now. Best value around and love the simple process to order. Delivery is always quick. Highly recommend this product and the Pet Treat Company.

  33. Ange

    Again, as stocks got critically low in our house, great quality Australian pigs’ ears arrived from The Australian Pet Treat Company – thank you.

  34. Liz

    These Australian pigs ears are top quality -fresh and with no smell. Highly recommended by my three dogs – Sparky (rescue greyhound), Comet (whippet) and Buffy (elderly miniature terrier cross).

  35. Martin Foster

    Good quality product that our two kelpies never tire of.
    Very quick delivery too

  36. Olive

    Glad to buy Australian made, good Quality, dog approval.

  37. Elaine Varcoe

    great service, great product as per usual thanks to everyone for the great system you have in place.

  38. Louise

    I am glad to support an Australian business. I always buy them in bulk ( 100 ), they are consistently big, clean and don’t smell. My Rottweiler loves one for b’fast every day. Fast and efficient service .

  39. Owen

    We like the pigs ears for our dog & so dose she

  40. Jenny W

    our golden retrievers love these Australian pigs ears – it’s their favourite treat. thanks for a great product and great service.

  41. Christina

    Product arrived quickly, well packed and the dogs love them.

  42. sandra

    have been buying pigs ears for my dogs for years.they love them.good quality and like to buy australian too.
    also ordering and delivery is always quick and no fuss

  43. Richard

    Great value and best pigs ears I have found.

  44. Rob

    My golden retrievers love them when they know I have them they try to get them daily, my dogs rate them a close 2nd behind a fresh marrow bone from the butchers.

  45. Anne

    Excellent product and extremely quick delivery. I’m a regular customer because of this.

  46. Julie

    My dogs love them, and it certainly gets the tails wagging.

  47. Chris

    good size, fast delivery

  48. Sue Weaver

    Very happy & only bought them as your price was the best and I own a dog boarding facility in Tasmania so to buy them in bulk & good quality was excellent

  49. BG

    This is an excellent source of quality pigs ears at a very reasonable price – though recently some ears have been on the small side.

  50. Sara

    I like to know where products purchased come from which extends to my pets also

  51. eileen

    very good product, good size and fast delivery

  52. Tom

    I have tried the imported one’s and although they are a bit more expensive they are thicker and bigger the dogs spend more time chewing on them

  53. Jann

    Our Cairn Terrier is only allowed 1/3 of a pigs ear a day. It is the highlight of his day!

  54. Ron

    I can buy pigs ears for the same price locally on the Gold Coast, but your are much bigger. I buy 200 at a time, so postal costs are not an issue

  55. phil

    My two dogs just love the pig ears, they are both 11 years old and retired working dogs.

  56. susan

    their crunchy and they take him some time to eat

  57. Jan

    These are great and my dogs love them. They get a few a week but not every day. I like that they are Australian

  58. Michael Reed

    My dogs will not settle after their tea with our a pigs ear!!
    So easy to order ….Fantastic Service, Fast Delivery & Great Product! Thanks!!

  59. Wendy

    The dogs love them, ordering is easy, and they are quite prompt in delivery.

  60. Wyredach Dachshunds SW

    My Dachshunds just love these pigs ears for treats, the quality is excellent.

  61. Suzanne

    Keeps my doberman puppy quiet for hours, clean sher teeth and is very tasty

  62. Liz

    My dog jumped around the parcel delivery man when he got the box out of the back of the truck. He ran inside with my husband who was carrying the box inside. My dog knew exactly what was inside the box. We put it on the floor and my dog pawed at it and cried. We had to give him a pig’s ear, even though it was not lunch time. Oh what a happy dog.

  63. Sue

    2 x German Shepard Puppies 12 months Old. When we ask them if they want a special they stand in front of the container waiting. Best product to keep them quiet for awhile.

  64. Sue

    These are great and being able to buy in bulk is convenient, I now store in plastic bag not the box as the last order I got had some bugs in it and suggest they be supplied in plastic bag inside the box to reduce risk of infestations occurring prior to delivery.

  65. Raylee

    My dogs enjoyed them and they seemed to last for a long time which I was happy about

  66. David

    My two labs have one each for breakfast every morning while I sneak out to go to work. They love them so much they don’t even know I’m gone. They have been eating these since they were pups. Great value and quality from APTC.

  67. Alice

    These pigs ears are huge and great quality. My 2 GSPs love them!

  68. Tim

    These are so good our Boxer has to have 2 a night, as soon as we sit down in the evening he is reminding us where they are and that he has to have them!! They obviously hit the mark

  69. Karli

    Promptly delivered and very good condition

  70. phil

    I have two old dogs, that have retired with their owners. Both dogs have an Australian pigs ear every day, they love them and look for them. We find the product is of high quality.

  71. Ollie

    Good Australian product and reasonable priced.

  72. Peter

    Our dog so looks forward to her nightly treat of a pigs ear to chew. She always has to eat it on her bed and loves to crunch loudly.

  73. Julie

    dogs love them

  74. Stephen A

    Our labrador loves these Aussie pigs’ ears. We always buy Australian when available. Easy to order online and very prompt delivery.

  75. phil

    I have two old dogs 13 years ex working dogs retired, they have a pigs ear every day and love them.

  76. Daphnie

    Australian pigs’ ears are always popular with my dogs, are great value for money and always delivered promptly.

  77. Maria

    My dog Minnie loves the pigs ears but can become aggressive if anyone goes near them. It’s the only thing she is so possessive about.

  78. Wendy

    Large sized pigs ears, lean and perfectly dried, not burned like other suppliers’. My dogs loved them.

  79. ANN P

    I GOT MY TWO BOXES (200) Australian pigsears for a great price and ONE day after got delivered…you guys are THE BEST

  80. Phoebe

    Large pigs’ ears.
    Non-greasy pigs’ ears.
    Made in Australia pigs’ ears.
    These are just the best; my 4 love them.

  81. Lyn Ciurleo

    I really like ( well the doggies do ) the pigs and thank you for selling the Australian ones, I won’t buy the overseas ones. They always look fresh and not smelly or fake looking like some of the others. Your delivery is nice and quick too. thank you

  82. Patrick (NSW)

    Have been buying these for a number of years and they have been GREAT! But in this delivery they were smaller and not as fresh looking as previously.

  83. Peter

    easy to purchase and quick delivery….my dog loves them and loves playing with them before he eats them

  84. Kim

    Excellent product, my dogs love them.

  85. Ollie

    One carton was with nice size ears the other carton were more smaller ones. Overall very happy with the product, good smell and colour and a fast delivery.

  86. Tatjana

    Good sized Pigs Ears, fast delivery, not greasy

  87. Jadine

    My boy loves his pigs ears

  88. phil

    I have being buying a 100 pigs ears for my two dogs for a couple of years . The dogs just love them and have been having one each every day. The quality is always good and they are delivered on time.

  89. Emma

    My dog loves these, great quality, will be buying them again

  90. Christa Michaelis

    I just received a box of 50 with my order and was amazed at the size! The pig ears are always at least as big as the ones you can buy from the supermarkets but these were huge! Also very fresh, not dry and shriveled like some pre-packed brands. Highly recommendable!

  91. Fiona

    Quick to respond to pre order queries, fast and efficient processing and delivery, quality product of reasonable size. Have used before and will continue to do so.

  92. Doug Pickersgill

    We have been buying Australian Pigs Ears (100 Lots) for years now and our pets love one a day after dinner – Continue to Buy Australian.

  93. Elle

    A great supplier of Aussie pigs ears for a lucky labrador. Thanks for the prompt service, great packaging and value for money products.

  94. Deb

    Dogs absolutely love this Australian product. Great value. Also they aren’t individually wrapped which is the way to go. Fantastic delivery as well.

  95. Ollie

    Continuously high quality product. Unfortunately supply shortage at the moment increased price and availability.

  96. Janine

    A now regular customer, their customer service pre delivery and quality of product never ceases to amaze me. Ears are large and just the perfect size for our Labrador, he actually has to chew, rather than gulp them down, just perfect for his gums and teeth. Cannot recommend them and their product enough. Thank you Australian Pet Treat Company.

  97. Emily

    My dogs think they are very yummy and always look forward to having one.

  98. Danielle

    Great product, fantastic service, fast delivery.

  99. Patricia

    Please never run out again – we missed this product greatly. Received within a couple of days as promised.

  100. Carole Ramsey

    The pig ears are large and much loved by mt doberman and my daughter’s spoodle. I recommend this company and its products.

  101. Heather Searle

    My Dogs just cannot get enough of these treats good quality and great price

  102. Kim

    Our dogs love them, great treat & great for the teeth.

  103. Ollie

    Nice clean Australian product and not too expensive in a 100 pack.

  104. Renata

    This is always a favourite for my dogs. Quality has always been good and I love the bulk buy. The size is also quite generous so I’m always happy with what I get for the price.

  105. M

    My picky pooch just loves these. Great quality and price.

  106. Julie

    Biggest pigs ears we have seen for a long time and our dogs thoroughly enjoy them and so do we watching them demolish them.

  107. Kim Gunther

    My dogs love them & as they are giant breeds, the large sized pigs ears are fantastic & give them longer chewing time.

  108. Georgia

    My dogs love these. When I have to go out for the day they get one each, the problem is they know where I hide them and if I forget to close the cupboard door they help themselves

  109. Pippa and Tye

    What more can I say? The dogs are 11 years old, very food oriented and simply love pigs ears. Given the chance they will take them out of the box!!

  110. Kim

    My dogs love them. Good size ears for giant breed dogs.

  111. Daniel

    These take the dogs days to chew through and unlike a bone they don’t go all yucky from being left outside.

  112. Sharon

    Great natural chew for pups & all ages of dogs,

  113. Wendy

    My border collies get fantastic chew time with the hooves, I add a smear of peanut butter when they are getting a bit worn down to keep the interest going.

  114. William

    Great for the power chewers. They’re still chewing on the same hoof nearly a week later.

  115. Wendy

    My lot love hooves, they love them more if I stuff them and freeze overnight. I find them great for my Border Collies to chew on during the day.

  116. Nelly

    My two Groodles love a pig’s ear and can sniff them inside the box when it arrives – much delight for them. The order is good value and arrives promptly.

  117. Liz D

    These pig’s ears are large and must be tasty, because my dog chews them up in record time. When the box was delivered yesterday, my springer spaniel thought it was Christmas.

  118. Ilona M

    I bought a box of 100 and it really is the best deal. I imagine that South African pigs can’t be too different from Australian pigs! Best value for money that I have found to date. My dog loves Pig Ears as his absolute favourite treat. He waits patiently by the laundry every morning for his “starter”. My only issue is that he eats it within a minute! Could you maybe grow bigger pigs? Or pigs with bigger ears?

  119. jim

    very good value

  120. Sharron Withers

    My puppies love these pigs ears! I have probably ordered around 7or 8 boxes of 100 so far, on my second delivery I only received 98 of the 100 and on my last delivery I received 99/100. This is the only issue I have experienced to date. I have not made a formal complaint as yet however if it happens a third time I will be.

  121. Allison

    My schnauzers loves pigs ears, and these are the best we have found…always buy the 100 carton and it is gone in no time

  122. Rod

    our dog just loves them

  123. Suzanne Jones

    Great value for these nutritious treats. Dogs just love them

  124. Jane

    excellent value and great quality

  125. Joanne

    My dog loves pig ears.

  126. Lee

    Goldie loves them! Now he is 12 weeks old, it takes him 40mins to finish one which is good, I take a break and watch TV during the time 🙂

  127. Liz

    Good size. Australian. My dog loves them.

  128. nne

    I have been buying these thru Aust Pet Treat Co for years now – quality and size is always great, the qty supplied is always spot on, never short, the price and value is very good for Australian product. I wont risk the health of my dogs by buying overseas product – my dogs and I highly recommend these.

  129. Kim Gunther

    Having 5 giant breed dogs, Ive found the pigs ears great for treats & cleaning their teeth.
    The pigs ears are a great size for large dogs. I have been purchasing these from APTC for a long time now & highly recommend them.

  130. Ali

    Fantastic value for money…good size and low odour. My dogs love these. Easy to order and delivered quickly too.

  131. Adrienne

    My staffie loves pig ears, especially when they are big and last a bit longer! This is the first time I have purchased in bulk – it will be interesting to see how long they last

  132. Mick

    For my Labrador and Dachshund, dinner is not complete with out a ‘Pigs Ear’! They Love ‘Em

  133. Rob Wise

    Our dogs love The Australian Pet Treat Company’s Australian grown pigs ears….they know exactly what’s in the box when it arrives. Customer service is always quick and hassle free, who needs to drive in Saturday morning traffic when we can shop online so easily!

  134. Adrian

    Being buying these for years, great treat for my GSP’s they can’t wait for their after dinner treat.

  135. Girlpirate

    I keep a stock of these for my Goldie and Lab. They are big, consistently good quality pigs’ ears.

  136. Roxanne

    I have put on facebook and a friend wants them now to

  137. Sailor

    Very popular with the corgis. Good value for money

  138. Sabine

    Compared to other imported pig ears this product will give us some confidence not to harm our dog. She ‘needs’ one ear per day and absolutely thrieves on them

  139. Peaches, Tiny& Karma

    Great to support australian products, the price of the pigs ears are value for money. Very Prompt Delivery.

  140. Elisha

    Kelie defends my house from “intruders” through barking and growling. The Aussie Pet Treat Company delivery man is a different story…she LOVES him delivering her box of pigs ears and always tries to break into the box even before I get it inside!
    From a human perspective, I love that they are Australian and so I can be sure that there is no horrible chemicals and I’m helping Aussie businesses.

  141. Bill

    These are standard treats for my dogs – cleans their teeth and keeps them amused in mid afternoon. As always, a quality product, promptly delivered

  142. Diana Young

    Always top quality. Out dog just loves them and they are great for his teeth and gums.

  143. e.mabb

    dog loves them(I know a dog would eat anything!!but it gives me peace of mind to know they are Australian)

  144. Rhonda daley

    Great product that my dogs love. Excellent service also from australianpettreat company.

  145. Craig

    We’ve got two crazy(ish) Pugs and its a great way to keep them occupied!

    A lot cheaper and bigger than the ones you get in the supermarket, pet shops etc

  146. Karen

    great value for money, i volunteer at Staffy rescue and these were for them. prompt delivery. Thanks.

  147. Ollie

    Very happy to pay a little more for a healthy Australian product

  148. Hollie

    Wow, 100 pigs ears is a lot of ears! These ears are fantastic – not greasy or burnt like the ears at some shops, and a good large size too. Definitely recommend!

  149. Suzanne Jones

    We have a ritual each night when the dogs get their pigs ears and they know the time better than we do. The ears are crunchy and provide great chewing time.

  150. Amanda

    Great value and product

  151. Darryl

    The dogs love yours ears – chewed up in no time…

  152. Sue and Daisy

    These pigs ears are great value, it means we always have a treat available for a good dog and they always arrive fresh and not greasy. It is also great to have the Australian product option. My dog gets excited when the package arrives – she knows it is for her.

  153. Alicia

    Great to support australian products, the price of the pigs ears are value for money compare to retail pet stores also for the size.

  154. Alicia

    Great to be supporting an Australian product. The price is great for value compare to retail pet stores aslo for the size. Our 2 malamutes can always tell when a new box has arrived or if there is some in their treat box.

  155. Ashli

    Impressed with the size of the pigs ears and the ease of ordering. The dogs knew the box was for them when the courier arrived. God help me if we ever run out our Springers love them.

  156. Peter Lunson

    Our dog loves them and the price is the best I have found

  157. bev

    Received my order in good order .The product seams very fresh and has made one very happy and obedient Labrador.We use these pigs ears as away of training and reward.

  158. Katie Wright

    Great quality treat! Good value for money. Dogs love them!

  159. Kim Gunther

    Great product, my dogs love them.
    Good sized ears for a giant breeds.
    Fast delivery – very impressed overall

  160. Suzanne

    We have two labradors and a border collie and they all love their pigs ears. Especially love that they are Australian…. and these guys provide service and delivery second to none!

  161. Sammi

    This product is always good to have and the dogs absolutely love it. Their miserable when I dont get this for them and the value for money is a bonus

  162. Dallas

    We were lucky to get a box of 100 pigs ears donated for our foster carers and they are so happy. Keeps our dogs busy and chewing ears instead of our houses 🙂

  163. Darlene

    My 6month old pups never tire of these. I am sure they save me a lot of shoes, plants, washing etc, etc

  164. Darlene

    Pups love them and they have already saved some shoes. Delivered much sooner than expected too

  165. Nancy

    Asked for large ears for large dog – a Labrador that has tendency to gobble – and they delivered exactly what I asked for – am MOST appreciative

  166. Christine

    A healthy alternative and the dog loves them.

  167. Jan

    My 9 mth old chocolate labrador loves your Aussie pig’s ears.
    Please offer larger lots in the all Australian content.

  168. Lewis

    As always, quick delivery and fabulous product. Hound is happy!

  169. Sue

    Our dogs love these pigs ears. They are a lot crisper than other brands we’ve had and our dogs love them!!

  170. ray

    a great product at a great price my greyhound thinks they are great

  171. Phoebe

    Best pigs’ ears ever. I only buy Aussie-made ears for my 4 dogs, and these are great – not greasy and a good size too. Definitely recommend.

  172. Robyn T.

    My dogs just LOVE these pigs ears, they are full size and not small ears cut in half. Excellent price and great for both my dog’s teeth (puppy and 3 yr old). Will continue to buy. Have not seen these at a lower price.

  173. David

    These are the best unadulterated pigs ears on the market. Completely natural and AUSTRALIAN. My dogs love them for a change for breakfast.

  174. Sandra

    Our dogs love the pigs ears and the value is great.

  175. Ildi and David

    Our 2 VERY fussy puppies just love these pigs ears.
    Miss Mia even tries to raid the box in the Laundry in the hope getting some extra’s to hide in the garden for another day.

  176. Philip Gaffney

    Bodalla was the scene of a rather nasty brawl between a dog and his owner over, of all things, a pig’s ear. The owner won and now the chastened hound gives his master a couple of pigs ears for breakfast rather than vice versa.

  177. Simon

    My dogs love these pigs ears. They are consistently of excellent quality and size and good to support an Australian product.

  178. Vicki

    The pigs ears arrived very quickly and the pricing and product was great. They are a great size and quality so will definitely be sticking with this Company from now on for my dogs treats as I am 110% happy 🙂

  179. Caroline

    They last for ages and don’t create a mess with dogs that have long hair on their front paws.

  180. Peta

    great treat to keep dogs busy for a while

  181. Kate

    Was looking for a bulk supplier of Australian pigs ears. Lucked out finding this company, great service, fast delivery and have two happy dogs. Just have to remember to close the door to under the stairs where they are stored or they help themselves

  182. Patrick

    My 4 love these – other ears can give them a bad tummy, but they have 3 of these Aussie ones a week each, and we never have an issue. Also they aren’t super greasy.
    The order before last, the box of 100 was divided into smaller sealed bags of 10 or 20 a bag, which was really great, as when they are all loose in the big box the smell drives everyone mad, and I have to then bag them up into smaller batches!

  183. Atti

    Quick to process order, swift delivery and product received just perfect for a large dog (Labrador). Supplier granted my request for large ears and for this I am most appreciative

  184. JMo

    My dog has been getting pig ears since he was young as a reward for going into his kennels. He by far loves his Australian Pig Ears.

  185. Pauline

    Nothing to fault with this company from point of contact to delivery and product, which I order regularly, never lets us down.

  186. Warren

    Another great buy that my 2 dogs love! These hooves last ages too, its been 2-weeks and they’ve only gnawed away half of them. I read in one of the reviews for this product that another dog owner smeared peanut butter on the inside so I’ve done this a few times as an added treat 🙂

  187. Carly

    We bought in bulk as our Labrador loves pig ears. Our order arrived in a cardboard box with pig ears loose inside ( which suited us just fine as personally we prefer no unnecessary plastic packaging ) although some people may prefer to put them into a singular bag to reduce their smell. They were good quality and a great size. Definitely purchasing again.

  188. Ava


  189. Carole Ramsey

    the pig ears are a favourite with our doberman. He will lie down as soon as I say would you like a pig ear!!

  190. Carol

    Good size and they don’t smell like a lot of the imported stuff in the supermarket. The dogs love them better than anything!!!!

  191. Helen

    Very happy with the pigs ears I brought here. Good size, clean and smelled great. The dogs in both the boarding kennels and our own loved them.

  192. Jess

    Dogs love them

  193. Carole Ramsey

    the order was processed and received in a very timely manner and the pigs’ ears were great quality and size. Thank you!! I will be ordering again soon.

  194. Terese Atkinson

    Great to know these are sourced only in Australia

  195. Decoda

    My dog loves them. Good quality. Australian

  196. Kim

    Great sized ears & my dogs love them

  197. Ollie

    Our dog thrives on these Australien pig ears. And the price is reasonable in a box of hundred

  198. kellie

    they are great and keeps my dogs extremely happy

  199. Linda Tuck

    Best pigs ears available, my dogs just love them and as they are Australian – even better.

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