Starter Pack Square Lick Mat and Nutratop meal topper 100g


Starter Pack Square Lick Mat and Nutratop meal topper 100g

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Out of stock

Starter Pack Square Lick Mat and Nutratop meal topper 100g

These lick mats are an excellent option to slow down your dog’s food intake and are perfect for keeping your dog entertained with longer lasting treat consumption.

By spreading peanut butter on the surface of your lick mat and then crumbling the Lamb & Beef Nutratop or your dog’s favourite treat over the top, you create a tasty, fun game with them having to lick out every morsel with their tongue.

Alternatively, if you have a dog that is notorious for overeating, you can place food in the different sections of each mat, which will make them work for each bite and slow down the food consumption rate.

Each mat features a raised/bumpy texture that gently and effectively scrapes your dog’s tongue to clean it while they indulge in their favourite treats or food. These grooves also remove food particles and bacteria, which ultimately helps eliminate bad breath and improve overall gum and teeth health.


  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Double sided ( for different food types )
  • Slows down food consumption
  • Keeps your dog entertained or keeps them busy while grooming
  • Helps eliminate bad breath and improve gum & teeth health
  • Freezer safe

100 g Beef & Lamb Nutratop included in the pack but it can be purchased separately for future use.

Available in Purple, Black, Orange or Grey – colour will be selected randomly at checkout

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