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Shark Cartilage 1kg

Shark Cartilage 1kg

(36 customer reviews)


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Shark Cartilage 1kg

Australian Pet Treats Shark Cartilage 1kg treats for dogs are made with 100% Australian Shark Cartilage.

Shark Cartilage is a natural source of Chondroitin, calcium and Omega 3 and 6 essential nutrients.

Key benefits

  • Made from 100% Australian Shark, all natural with no added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Single ingredient, high protein treat that is naturally high in Chondroitin to help assist dogs with joint and mobility issues
  • Sustainably sourced of the East Coast of Australia (a natural byproduct of the Australian Fishing Industry)

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100% Shark

Typical Analysis:

Crude Protein: 50.9%, Crude Fat: 2.2%, Crude Fibre: <0.1%, Sodium: 0.2%, ME 205 kcal/100g

Country of Origin


Feeding Instructions

Always feed under supervision. Intended for use as a pet treat only not a complete meal. Ensure clean, fresh water is available. Store in a cool, dry place.

36 reviews for Shark Cartilage 1kg

  1. S Hopper

    My Staffy Bella thinks these are awesome, not only good for her but great value too, they smell quiet fishy but if they didn’t you would be concerned.

  2. Rhana

    The aroma gets her!! I am happy to give shark cartilage once each day to encourage good behaviour because your product is Australian and I believe it has not been bleached (unlike imported look alikes).

  3. Rebecca

    fantastic for arthritis and as a natural anti-inflammatory and dogs think they are treats

  4. Sarah

    Super natural help for dogs suffering with arthritis. You can see the difference in days! What’s more the dogs LOVE them and look forward to their “treat” Thank you for helping my dogs.

  5. Bob

    Our two dogs are absolutely addicted to the shark cartilage. The English Bull Terrier who is 10 and has a few arthritis problems will go out into the laundry and stare at the shelf on which we keep the cartilage in the forlorn hope she can get some to levitate down to her! The greyhound X waits with her in anticipation of her success!! The cartilage is marvelous for the dogs’ joint health and crunchy enough to give their teeth a good clean. Definitely recommended.

  6. Audrey Berceanu

    My dog literally runs to get her teeth on this product!!!

  7. Kerri

    I have had many dogs over the years, who have suffered arthritis in old age. I now have 4 relatively young dogs, and hope this will aid them in later life. Also they love the stuff, and I give them some as a treat.

  8. Phil

    My 7 year old German shepherd absolutely loves them and literally sits day and night by the treat drawer. (Next to my bed) They are packaged in various sizes. She likes the thick ones that go crunch during the night.

  9. naf

    my dogs love Shark Cartilage they love chewing on it

  10. Suze

    My dog loves these, they are a bit strong smelling (fishy) so had to keep them in an airtight container. Also I did took care to supervise my dog when she was eating these, as some are very hard and got stuck in her teeth.

  11. L Koers

    I have a six year old Bull Mastiff x Staffy. Sheis a big girl at 61 kg!! She was run over when she was a puppy and now has ballerina back legs. Since we have had her – 2 years now – I have been giving her shark cartilage and the difference in her is amazing!
    She walks further than ever before and is full of life. I tried not to give it to her for a few weeks and the difference was so obvious. I recommend everyone to give their pet a piece of shark cartilage every day – your pets are worth it!

  12. Hellen

    goodies arrived today, dog LOVE it

  13. Lillian

    This treat was a big hit with my three gobbled it down reasonably quick but it kept the other two entertained for some time…

  14. Tracey

    Recommended product.

  15. Christa Michaelis

    A very healthy snack that can be broken in pieces and used to stuff toys to prolong the enjoyment. Very fresh and does not splinter, very safe for dogs to eat!

  16. Donna

    My small dogs love this treat. It is the only brand of shark cartilage they will eat. Other brands look white and washed out, and it must make a difference to the taste. Crunchy, whilst likeable and edible. Perfect.

  17. Isabella

    best ever product and such a good price for that amount, delivery is always spot on and the sales team make sure they pick out thinner pieces of cartilage for me as my dog is getting older and cant handle the large pieces.

  18. Bec

    exactly as ordered. Great product. Dogs love it and its a healthy and will help with joints.

  19. Donna Callaghan

    This is the only brand of shark cartilage my dogs like, and they love it. I am sure it is good for their joints and the chewing is good for their teeth. Personlly I have found that only dogs who like eating fish, will like shark cartilage.

  20. Robby Hadikusuma

    My boy and girl , GSD, 21 months, really like this

  21. Rebecca

    My dogs think its a treat when it is actually helping them with their arthritis. Great natural product.

  22. pam

    I bought some more as they loved the first packet, they got terribly excited when they smelt the parcel. So I had to give them one each and they went away to their beds to chew them straight away.

  23. Edith

    Give this every other day to our girls. One has arthritis and she starts limping if I don’t keep it up to her. Like giving a bone without the fractured teeth. When the last parcel arrived they knew exactly what it was. Thanks goodness it is wrapped in plastic when shipped. It is full of fishy odour so keep it in the spare fridge.

  24. Lyndee

    My little friends like this for a change, great way for them to have oil, excellent product

  25. Roseanne

    Bit smelly but all natural and great for the dog’s teeth.
    They love it.

  26. Rosetta

    Fantastic product with excellent results on my two dogs who suffer with arthritis. Have tried to go without to see if it really works and you could see difference within days. A regular daily treat that works wonders!

  27. Robby

    Our dog Lexi,developed a limp diagnosed as Arthritis. Drugs were recommended by the vet. A friend suggested that we try Shark Cartilage so we tried and within a few weeks the limp had disappeared. She has one piece every day and at 12 years old is full of beans and runs freely.

  28. Rani George

    The recent purchase of all the treats that were purchased are our dog ‘Charlie’ favourite things. Tried a small sample of the shark last purchase. This time we bought a 1kg pack as he loves them heaps.

  29. Susan Scott.

    Dogs love it and it is great for their teeth. The fact that it is Australian Shark Cartilage is very pleasing – actually I wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t . Please keep producing it.

  30. Kerri

    The shark cartilage is the animal equivalent of chondroitin for humans. I give my dogs this treat to help them in later life, as I have had a dog that had suffered from arthritis and I want to prevent my current animals suffering the same fate.

  31. Jillian

    Ordered in bulk as my little dog loves this treat. The pieces in the bulk bag are bigger/longer than the 100g pack size.

  32. Zaharia

    My dogs are going to love these 🙂

  33. Zee

    my dogs love this addition to their raw food

  34. Rani George

    Our dog Charlie suffers from arthritis in one of is back knees. Every 6 months he goes for an injection over a period of 4 weeks.
    After his last injection, his arthritis appear to be getting worse. The only change that we could think of that had occurred is that we had run out of Shark Cartlidge.
    We received our order a couple of days ago and have been giving him more than he would normally get. It’s amazing, there is already a slight improvement in his walking and standing up. I definitely recommend Shark Cartilage.
    Apart from the health piont of view, it has always been the first dry food that he would go to eat.
    Also ordered other seafood items that he hadn’t tried previously. He loves them also. They are:
    Seafood Chips with Green Lipped Mussel, Tuna Fillets and Beef Strap with Salmon and Dill.
    He also loved the complementary item: Seafood, Rice and Potato stick, which I’ll be ordering next time

  35. rosie

    My little girl loves these. Because of her allergies and collitis I have to be careful what I give her. Bones make her sick so had to find something else for her teeth. They smell a bit but a small price to make her happy. She does somersaults when she knows she’s getting one

  36. Penny

    My three dogs (2 x Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and 1 x King Charles Spaniel) absolutely ADORE their shark cartilage! They get one each several nights a week as an after dinner treat. They love crunching them up and their teeth are kept nice and clean. I love the shark cartilage that you supply as the pieces are huge and have just the right amounts of crunchiness and chewiness – they last my guys a bit longer than some of the big brand bags of the product as they have to work harder to eat them. A huge thumbs up from me and a four paw rating from each of my three boys.

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