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Kangaroo Tendon 1kg

Kangaroo Tendon 1kg

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In stock

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Kangaroo Tendon 1kg

Evolution Australian Pet Treats Kangaroo Tendons 1kg are a single protein treat made from 100% Australian Kangaroo and are packed full of natural vitamins and nutrients. Kangaroo Tendons are a tough treat that will keep your dog entertained.

Evolution Australian Pet Treats Kangaroo Tendons 1kg are processed naturally through a low temperature, slow air-dehydration process which results in products of the highest quality and nutritional value.


Key Benefits 

  • Nothing artificial, no additives, no preservatives
  • Gluten and Grain free
  • Single ingredient protein for optimal nutrient absorption

Work with passion

Over the past decade, Australian Pet Treat Company has become one of Australia’s most trusted and convenient online destinations for pet owners. We pride ourselves on maintaining exceptional customer service and measure our success by the satisfaction and happiness of the people and pets we serve.

Our promise to you

At Australian Pet Treat Company, we are dog and cat treat specialists. We have everything you need for your pet at awesome prices, every day. We are constantly adding more brands and products weekly, all of which are available to you from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Made from 100% Australian Kangaroo, all natural with no added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Single ingredient, high protein treat which can help
    • keep your dog’s energy levels up
    • provide essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system
  • Full of real meat flavor, perfect for an everyday reward

100 % Australian Kangaroo

Typical Analysis:

Crude Protein: 77.7%, Crude Fat: 4.2%, Crude Fibre: <0.1%, Sodium: 2.9%, ME 315 kcal/100g

Country of Origin


Feeding Instructions

Always feed under supervision. Intended for use as a pet treat only not a complete meal. Ensure clean, fresh water is available. Store in a cool, dry place.

117 reviews for Kangaroo Tendon 1kg

  1. Genelle Goulden

    Excellent product our 3 dogs absolutely love them
    great for teeth & gums

  2. sonia

    I bought these products because having mini schnauzers, they are prone to pancreatitus. Roo is light in fats and I’m content in the knowledge they can eat them safely. They love them and steer me towards the treat draw in the laundry.

  3. Diann Desmond

    Our little dog Mollieloves them

  4. Brenda Schloss

    One of the boys favourite chews nice an tough and chewy

  5. Ingrid

    I have a whippet who is a very lazy chewer and has always had bad breath. I tried bones but his stomach did not cope so well with them. He LOVES his roo tendons and he actually chews them! We no longer have a dog with bad teeth and horrible stinky breath. Brilliant!

  6. Jody

    My dogs are both under 3 kilos and these roo tendons are perfect for them. They love them!!

  7. Steph

    Been buying these for years. Our Retriever loves them,

  8. Stella

    Maisie loves them – she is a small dog and wathdching her carrying around a roo tendon is hilariousknows just where I am storing these treats – she sits at the door to let me know

  9. Brandy


  10. Graeme Lucas

    Our dogs hangout for a tendon

  11. Alex Baker

    Not one bit disappointing these are the best quality roo tendons I have ever purchased for my beautiful fur babies. They love them

  12. Jenny

    My blue cattle dog just LOVES these crunchy tendons! The 1kg bag is a bargain as there are so many in the bag! My ACD waits patiently every morning after our walk for one of these doggydelicious treats!

  13. JR

    Love this product as my best buddies take great pleasure as I leave for work in sitting for their treat.
    Great product sorry Skippy!

  14. Wendy

    Our standard poodle just loves these, and looks forward to this bed time nightly treat, never any left. the 1 Kg is a bargin way to get them

  15. William

    These are a favourite with our dogs, they are healthier than pigs ears and don’t leave a mess.

  16. Heather Larsen

    I have bought the 1kg Roo Tendons several times now. Great value for money, fast delivery and my golden retriever just loooves them. A great treat for her at a very competitive price. Thank you!

  17. Wanda

    Roo Tendons are of a good quality and size, dogs love it. Definitely need to re-order

  18. Rebecca

    Best price I could find and good quality tendons

  19. Margot

    These are the best quality roo tendons on the market. Keep up the supply!

  20. Mark Max

    Roo Tendon 1kg is a great value buy and very low fat as a treat.
    Our Labrador loves them

  21. Murphy

    I buy these by the kilo now because they are a nutritious treat, with absolutely no rubbish or filler in them. They do not contain bone, so they are an excellent choice for people who prefer not to feed dried bone. There is a very large number of tendons in a kilo bag.

  22. Mark Max

    Our Labrador loves these roo tendons

  23. Sophia

    Healthy chews that my dogs just love you get heaps in a bag so they last for ages

  24. Alex Baker

    My fur babies love getting their gnashes around the tasty roo tendons. These are the best quality I have found.
    Thank you Australian Pet Treat Company

  25. Barb

    Bought a 1kg bag of roo tendon, made the mistake of leaving the open bag in the bottom shelf of the pantry and came out in the morning to find 2 very thirsty furbabies and a bag with all but about 10 tendons eaten over night so that makes me think they must be good.

  26. Sharon in Brisbane

    My dog loves these tasty treats, they are well priced and were delivered promptly, will definitely buy again.

  27. Patty

    My cavoodle is loving her kangaroo tendons. After her morning walk she comes home to a lovely chewy treat. Great product at a great price will buy again.

  28. Jenny

    These are great – excellent value, nutritious. Thanks too for always giving such great service. The roo tendons are a daily staple for the mini schnauzers – even though the tendons do get cut in half – except on special occasions.

  29. JoJoBerry

    My GSD absolutely loves these. He gets to chew a strappy tendon on one end & gets a big bulb of roo meat at the other end. Priced better here too. Recommend.

  30. Josephine

    I have small dogs who try to swallow these whole. so I have to sit & make sure no one chokes while they are eating them. they do love them though

  31. Alex Baker

    My pets are only served quality food with minimal treats. Roo tendons are reasonably fat free, good chew choice and my furries love them in moderation.

  32. Maria

    These are my bluey’s favourite treats. If only they lasted longer!

  33. Amani

    My two German Shepherds absolutely loves them, picks them over other treats I give them.

  34. Mayra

    she can’t gobble them up in two or three bites, she actually has to chew them up, so they last her a small amount of time but a lot longer than some other snacks.

  35. Bonnie

    My dogs love these. Great price too

  36. Jane

    Our small dogs love these – and since we’ve been using them their teeth health is awesome! Healthy enough to give numerous times a week – we give ours one every night and it hasn’t affected their weight at all. They last just long enough to give you a break from throwing the ball for a few minutes…

  37. Sylvia

    Roasted chicken tenders It is all crumbs and from the order before, what an awful treat, looks like sawdust sweepings…

  38. Julie Mathieson

    I have 2 little chihuahuas and have tried many treats, Roo Tendons have been the best, natural treat that I have given them. They are long lasting and my 2 girls can’t wait to have their daily treat.

  39. Mike

    Roo tendons are recommended as a great way of keeping my dog’s rear teeth and gums in top condition. The quality out there is a real mixed bag, but these are consistently of a decent standard and buying a 1kg bag makes to good value

  40. Yolana

    Our dogs don’t like raw bones. They leave them around for the flies. Roo tendons are just great, they keep their teeth clean and take a while to get through. We used to buy them at the pet shop but it became far too expensive. APTC have the best deal we have found.

  41. Ruby

    My little dog is very fussy,he doesn’t like raw bones.He also will not eat another brand’s Kangaroo tendons, he just is not interested, however he loves yours.He has never knocked one back yet.

  42. Shayla

    My two GSD’s will not eat any other tendons other than these, cant keep up the supply.

  43. Julie

    I have 2 chihuahua Xs, they would have to be the best chew product I’ve used, they can’t wait to get their chewies and know when it’s chew time. They LOVE them.

  44. K Rowland

    My little hounds love the Roo Tendons. They are very reasonably priced and arrive quickly + they are low in fat and healthy for my little hounds

  45. Nancy

    “Long chew” pet treats never last long with my dog but these keep her occupied for ages. She now sits beside the box they are stored in in the morning before I leave for work – she likes to remind me to give her one!

    I regularly compare prices and this website always comes out on top for the best value.

  46. Tennille

    Found the size of the tendons to be inconsistent, but my Westie enjoyed them.

  47. Rob

    My whippets Loooooove these chewy smelly tendons! They were purchased as an alternative occupier treat, but it surprised the hell out of me that my small whips were able to dispatch these tendons as fast as they do. Now I cut a tendon into a portion (using secateurs), pack it inside a large JW Holee ball stuffed with material strips (laced with some other treats) and that ties up the dogs for a good half hour. 🙂 The smell really motivates them!

  48. Greg Tucker

    Finally found something my dogs will chew on to help keep their Teeth clean.

  49. Mark Max

    Our labrador loves them, great for her weight control and are fantastic for keeping her teeth in tiptop shape.

  50. Tamara

    My dogs love them, what else is there to say

  51. Rob

    Past bags I’ve purchased were super dry and they didn’t tax my two whippets as much as I’d hoped. The recent stock has been a bit chewier and it’s taking the dogs time to get through them. They absolutely love them. I jam one inside a JW holee ball stuffed with material strips and they are down for the count for at least 30minutes digging it out and then enjoying the pay off… after that they are pooped. While anything that’s $50+ / kg is pricey, these are a great value for money.

  52. Fiona

    My giant breed loves chewing on these. They last longer than a lot of treats.

  53. Jen

    Our Jack Russell Terrier loves these and they keep her teeth in great condition. Really fast delivery.

  54. hellen

    my dogs just love the tendons they last a long time keeping them busy chewing

  55. Ronald

    Our JRT loves these tendons and I like the fact that she’s cleaning her teeth in the process. Much better than the rubbish you buy in the supermarkets. Keeps her occupied when we leave the house.

  56. Susan

    So fresh, you feel and smell the freshness.
    You can buy human grade jerky from specialised shops and the tendons are equal to them. Extremely moist for my little Pom to chew on. Keeps her busy for quite some hours then has a little sleep then at it again. One can last her two days as she has 12 teeth missing but she just loves them. Thanks.

  57. robyn

    Poppy has one a day and has done for five years now . Always a breeze dealing with APTC esp Sharon who always dispatches our orders immediately ..

  58. Shaun

    Super quick delivery. Last batch had lots stuck together but this lot seem better. Our JRT loves them. Thanks

  59. Jodie

    My German Shepherd might get through these in minutes, but boy does she love them!

  60. Jenny

    I’ve been purchasing these for a while now and the dogs love them. Good quality product. Was quite shocked that the price went up $9 from one order to the next though.

  61. Katy

    These tendons appear to be too brittle and crisp so although my dogs love them, they get no chewing from them and are gone within a couple of minutes. Other roo tendons I have had are more chewy and keep the dogs occupied for an hour or so

  62. John

    Our dog absolutely loves the tendons. We hide one when we leave the house and he loves trying to find it!!!

  63. sue

    This is the only chew bone for our poodles teeth and breathe she can tolerate due to ear allergies. Thankyou pet treat company

  64. Toony and Geordie’s human.

    So I constantly get email to review this product but I’m not the one eating them, I’m just the human that buys them for our furbabies. So I thought I’d ask those that love and enjoy them to review them…
    Toon, Geordie, what do you think of the roo tendons?
    Sorry it appears they’re busy chewing on another tasty roo tendon, suppose that says it all.

  65. Jenny

    I have bought these a couple of times for my mini foxies and they really love them. Keeps their teeth free of plaque and you can see all their teeth getting a good workout while they’re chewing the tendons. They’re a good quality product and don’t smell.

  66. Cohen

    Our Westies love the dried kangaroo tendon taste and chewy texture. It replaces raw lamb bones.

  67. Cheryl

    I have tried a few different brands of roo tendons and have found that these are the best according to my dog.He would leave some of the others to completely refuse to take it. Not this brand however, he loves them and will chew till it is all gone. Great for his teeth.

  68. Cheryl Parker

    My dog’s teeth are clean now,he has one tendon a day. These are the only tendons that he will eat all of it

  69. Morveen Mullins

    These tendons are so reasonable , compared to other outlets. My dogs enjoy them, they are great tooth cleaners, They chew the tendon till it’s soft then swallow it, it lasts a couple of hours for my dogs as they are small. A good buy.

  70. Gayle

    I have 3 King Charles Spanials who are extremelt spolt but very loved. The roo tendons from australianpet trear company supply the best roo tendons available online, I know because I’ve tried a few outlets, and their price is second to none.

  71. Heather Larsen

    Absolutely love this products. Nice big pieces or roo tendons – our dog loves them.
    They arrived really fast – so can’t thank you enough. Will be buying from you from now on.

  72. Caroline

    Our Terriers love them and they are one of the few treats that aren’t just gulped down in seconds. They give their toothy pegs a good work out too.

  73. Tom

    Due to one of my dogs that can only have kangaroo this treat keeps the tartar off her teeth.

  74. Lyndee

    My 5 little fur babies love this,it`s the best on the market & cheapest online, please don`t stop making it !!

  75. Jenny

    I recently got these for my two cavaliers and they just love them.

  76. Steph

    These tendons are my papillons’ favourite chew treat – each lasts a good 10 or 15 minutes (visiting labradors scoff them down in less than a minute though!) Good value considering the number in a packet.

  77. Roman & Theo

    Our 2x Staffy’s love these. Great treat that takes them at least 30 seconds to chew through 😉

  78. Heather Larsen

    Excellent Value For Money – and our Golden Retriever just loooves these Roo Tendons. So good for her teeth and good for her.

  79. daveystar

    best treat ever for my 2 shepherd girls.They love them

  80. Stephen Renouf

    My two toy poodles rejected a similar product but love this one.

  81. Marlie

    The best dog chews you`ll find, our 5 little mates love them with a passion

  82. Tracey

    My retreiver just loves them! Great buy too.

  83. Sharon

    My dog gets a choice of a pigs ear or roo tendon each morning and he chooses the roo tendon every time. He loves them!

  84. J Potts

    My little Jack Russell literally jumps for joy when she knows it’s time for her daily snack. They are just the right size without over feeding. She really enjoys licking up every last crumb.

  85. Alanna

    Keeps the dogs going for ages, great treat!

  86. Bella & Rocco

    Our dogs ( and the neighbourhood dogs ) love them.

  87. Brenda

    My two GSD loves these tendons over other products.

  88. Stephen Renouf

    My pedigreed toy poodles are very fussy eaters. Australian Pet Treat Company supplies the best roo tendon available in Australia.

  89. Joy

    My dogs love these treats, helps keep there teeth clean

  90. Val

    There is no substitute for your roo tendons and trust me I have tried them all. My 2 dogs are addicted to them, have tried other brands when pet store are out of stock but they never make the cut. So glad I’ve realised I can order directly from you now and get it delivered to my door.

  91. Patty

    My cavoodle loves the chewy tendons and after her morning walk sits ready on her mat for her treat

  92. Chloe

    We give these to our dogs when we are leaving and it keeps them busy for ages! Don’t have to worry about sharp bones, just get natural dog chews.

  93. Cassie

    My dog Sarsha loves these kangaroo tendons. These can be had to find but last a while and good price compared to others

  94. Ann

    Been trying to find a dental chew my dog will actually eat. After reading a review on roo tendons thought I’d try them. My dog LOVES them and also has to well and truly chew them which is fantastic.

  95. Helen

    We give our dog these whenever we have to leave her alone. I let her see me hide it under a mat or container and off we go. Loves them.

  96. Hazel

    A better option for my dog’s oral health than the soft supermarket chews.

  97. Laura

    I have found these tendons to be a consistent size and qualtiy and not bits and pieces like others I have purchased.

  98. Linda

    Healthy and tasty treat that my dog LOVES! Any time my dog hears a bag rustle comes to checks if its a Roo Tendon for him 🙂

  99. toni kenny

    both my dogs love them, excellent quality.

  100. Janette

    Crunchy tendons keeps them happy for awhile

  101. Brian

    Our beagle is unfortunately allergic to many animal based pet food products, which is his win as we discovered these roo tendons on the advice of our vet. Long story short Forrest loves them but would like them to be more chewy.

  102. Judy

    These tendons are a good size, and do not smell like some brands. My dog absolutely adores them. All neatly and securely packed, delivered literally to my back door. The warning on the box (“Caution: Pets may get excited”) is so true…my standard poodle was dancing around my feet quite beside himself when the box arrived.

  103. Sharonujunglargo

    After a walk on the beach we give our Spaniel a tendon, she loves them, they take her quite a while to chew through. They seem quite meaty.

  104. Patty

    My cavoodle absolutely loves the Roo Tendons and it’s great for her teeth,

  105. June

    I’ve been trying to get my dog off rawhide but at the same time finding something that would occupy his time chewing for a while and this product does just the thing. Thanks for another awesome product.

  106. Ali

    I have an older dog and these tendons are perfect for her teeth. She LOVES THEM! I had previously been paying a fortune for them at local pet shops, buying 100gms at a time. I was thrilled to find such value for money by buying in bulk and the service was very efficient. I will certainly be buying again.

  107. Geoff

    These tendons are really good quality and chewy

  108. Jenny Doyle

    My two Cavvies love the Australian Pet treat company roo tendons. They are superior to any other brand on the market!

  109. Harry

    Ususally 5 star however this batch is moister than usual and very potent smell.

    My dogs love these products and have used them as my ‘leaving the house treat’ to keep dogs busy when I leave the home so they don’t follow me out to car.

  110. Lisa

    I have been a big fan of these tendons however this past batch have a different texture – chewier than crunchy. I hope they still do a good job of cleaning my dogs teeth..

  111. Judy

    My dog just loves the roo tendons as they have just the right amount of chewiness without being too hard and they are long lasting. A great product highly recommended.

  112. Mark

    Quick delivery, Great snack for our Labrador…she loves them

  113. Simone Shelley

    Pepper loves her Roo Tendons

  114. Debra

    My vet advised me to get something tougher than what I can buy in the supermarket for my dog’s teeth to keep them healthy. These tendons are working nicely and my little buddy is always very excited when I say the words “do you want something stinky to chew?”

  115. Shirley

    My gorgeous Greyhound had quite a few discoloured back teeth. After giving him a couple of Kangaroo tendons a week, they are now amazingly so much cleaner!

  116. Mark Maxfield

    Our Labrador loves roo tendons as a treat. Great for weight, cleaning teeth and a natural food , not the processed stuff found in supermarkets……and a great price

  117. Penny Windlow

    My three boys LOVE their kangaroo tendons from APTC – as I write this, all I can hear is the sounds of their teeth rasping as they nom on their after dinner treats. Even better that the tendons do such a fab job of keeping their teeth clean!

    Fletcher, Soldier, and George give these tendons a very definite paws up 🙂

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