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    • Comfy Cat Collar


      Comfy Cat Collar Our Comfy Cat collars are designed for cats who do not like to wear bulky or heavy collars. They are pliable and soft, making them comfortable to wear and also feature cute designs and a break-away buckle that snaps open if the buckle feels too much strain, potentially saving your cat if their collar is caught on…

    • Double Bowl with Water Dispenser


      Double Bowl with Water Dispenser for Small to Medium Cats & Dogs This cat and dog water bowl is a 2 in 1 feeder bowl design. One stainless steel bowl for food, another plastic bowl with automatic water bottle for drinking. It will refill the water into the water tank automatically and keep the water fresh and clean even when…

    • Double Cat Bowl – Raised


      Double Cat Bowl – Raised The Double Cat Bowl – Raised makes feeding time easier and more comfortable. Pets that are shorter, have a ?flatter ? face shape, or other health challenges may be able to eat and drink with reduced pain and stress. This double bowl set features a large base with a skid-proof design to prevent messes. The…

    • Safety Cat Collar


      Safety Cat Collar Our Safety Cat collars are perfect for curious felines. Made from lightweight nylon webbing, each collar features a break-away safety buckle designed to snap open if your cat?s collar is caught while climbing or slinking through tight spaces. With reflective edging, these collars also provide maximum visibility for cats that like to explore during the twilight hours.…

    • Kangaroo Skin Rug


      Kangaroo Skin Rug The Kangaroo is one of the most popular native Australian animals. There are two species of kangaroos. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Macropus Giganteus) and the Red Kangaroo (Macropus Rufus). One of the lightest and strongest leathers in the world and finished to the highest standards. This plush hide would make a luxurious pet mat or a unique…

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