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Dog Training 101 …

One of the most important things you can do as a pet parent is training your dog. This process can be difficult and can often become quite time consuming, but hang in there – it will all be worth it in the long run. Training your dog correctly from the start will not only allow you to enjoy your time with your pet but will also save your sanity and money ( to help avoid those nasty shoe chewing incidents)

The following dog training tips will help you get the most out of your dog’s training so you and your dog and owner are happy with the results.

Plan ahead and be organized

Make sure that you have everything you need for your training session ready and create an environment that will promote success by dog proofing your house and removing any distractions or inappropriate chewing objects like shoes or stuffed animals.

You will need to have ready items such as, a collar, leash, training clickers and of course your dogs favourite training treats. Your dog’s taste will ultimately determine what type of treat you train with, however whatever you choose, will need to be broken in small, easy to reward pieces. Keep little stashes of training treats in easily accessible places around the house so that you can easily reward your dog when they do the right thing.

Keep the sessions positive and short

Dogs can sense changes in your mood – so keeping the sessions positive and short will stop you getting frustrated and your dog becoming bored with the same old routine. Once your dog has had enough, move on to something different and come back to it when you are both feeling up to it.

Incorporate a “play “ element into your training

Try starting and finishing each session with a small amount of pIay ! This will help put your dog in a positive mood and they will begin to understand that they will get to “play” again after the training session is completed. For example use their favourite toy for a game of tug of war or incorporate tricks or agility games as part of your routine.

Make training a part of everyday life

Training doesn’t need to be completely regimental ( or you and your dog will become bored ) By making training a part of everyday routines, your dog will learn to behave the way you want him to all the time – not just during training sessions. For example, you can make your dog sit and wait before their daily meal is served or make have him sit when you arrive home from work at night ( rather than jumping all over you like a crazy dog ) The more you do it – the better the result will be. Your dog is not going to learn good manners if he only has to practice them once a week. Consistency is the key …….

Celebrate as you go – remember how far you have come

We can all easily fall into the trap of wanting everything to fall into place “quickly” If you become so focused on the end behaviour you can easily loose site of how far you have actually come. Set yourself small goals and when you have reached them, then you can move on to something new. But don’t forget to keep reinforcing your dog’s good behaviour for his previously learned skills. If you are working on specific issues like behaviour modification and your aren’t getting the desired outcome, often this is where you could benefit from working with a trainer. They can help you with additional support and help offer other suggestions to help you from becoming discouraged.

Happy training …..

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